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Me and My Kid(s) Project for 2012

Are you someone like me? Do you prefer to take the photos rather than be in them? How many photos of yourself do you have from last year? And in how many of those are you with your kid? If you avoid the camera like the plague for whatever reason your head may come up […]

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I Am A…

Clickin Moms, my home away from home, has a great project going on now to benefit RAINN, an anti-sexual assault organization. They call it the I Am A Photographer project, but it is really about sharing who you are apart from being a photog or a mom. You are to shoot a photo of yourself […]

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Pimp My Pic #2

Welcome to the second edition of Pimp My Pic! I’ve had such a cruddy holiday week off with my blood pressure being elevated, the kidlet being a major pill, and my dear husband practicing throat clearing and snorting as if he were preparing to compete in these events during the next Olympics. Even though I […]

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