A New Munchkin

I was so happy to have a shoot with a newborn last weekend. It had been almost a year since my last munchkin, and I really wanted to get into some delicious baby goodness again.

Luckily Zara’s former infant room teacher allowed me to photograph her 14-day-old cutie pie. I was thrilled!

I forgot about how much effort goes into a newborn shoot. It took me 30 minutes to just pack the car. But once I got there and unloaded, we slowed down and allowed the little guy to get comfortable in his set ups.

Initially we found a snuggly position in the basket:

But soon after, he decided that he’d much rather stay awake than sleep.

No worries, we will manage, little guy!

But soon after a little poopy and pee break, we did get snuggly again:

And we really liked the red blanket:

Don’t you just love the fingers and toes?

I just love the sweet newborns!

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