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The Easter Twins

Just last weekend I got to shoot Easter pics of Zara’s friends A & J. The twins came over for a mini-shoot wearing their Easter dresses. Initially A did well but she became a little grumptastic a little way into the shoot. Her sister, J was good to go from beginning to end. Aren’t they […]

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More Studio Work

My last post showed you the fun I was beginning to have in working with studio shooting. (As much as a dusty back section of my unfinished basement can be called a studio!) But I have to say that I’m hooked. Studio is a blast…as long as your seamless paper is longer than 53″ that […]

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Learning Studio

I decided to take a studio lighting class because I wanted to be able to manage lighting set-ups when necessary in people’s homes. But I honestly never thought I’d like working with studio shooting. It seemed too much like The Picture People or that crappy studio in Babies R Us. (Yeah, I said it!) Little […]

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