Empty Swings

About the time that I started learning to use my pre-The Precious camera, I found myself becoming fascinated with swings. Not swings with kids in them, but the empty ones. Yes, it’s a tad odd, I know.

What I think is that there’s something both sad and happy about seeing empty swings in a playground. The sadness comes from the stillness and quiet in what is normally a kinetic and joyful attraction. The mind says that there should be a child sitting happily in the seat, legs flying, swinging to the sky.


Yet this photo evokes other sentiments as well. There is also a feeling of promise and potential in the image. The swings can be seen as expectant and waiting. Soon there will be a child who will launch him or herself giggling into the air. The empty swings are still, awaiting with great hope, their next young rider.


What do you see in these images?

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