First Holy Communion

May 2nd was not only the kidlet’s 8th birthday. It was also the date of her first holy communion.

Having converted to Catholicism in college, I had little clue about this important milestone. But we prepped for this day with great vigor. And I do believe that my angel was the most fabulous in the whole bunch!

wpid1753-20150502-DSC_0294.jpg wpid1755-20150502-DSC_0304-2.jpg wpid1757-20150502-DSC_0312-2.jpg wpid1759-20150502-DSC_0318.jpg wpid1761-20150502-DSC_0321.jpg wpid1763-20150502-DSC_0328.jpg

She’s got that Grace Kelly look going on.
wpid1765-20150502-DSC_0331.jpg wpid1767-20150502-DSC_0332.jpg

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