Getting Crafty this Season

Martha Stewart I am not. My house spends most of its time looking like a clothing and toy explosion took place recently. But that didn’t stop me from wanting to get a little crafty with the kidlet over the holidays.

Holiday Card Garland

The first thing that caught my eye was her suggestion for garland made from old holiday cards. As a major packrat who will not throw out old cards, I saw this as a true opportunity. So we dashed to Michaels to buy some craft punches and stickers. (I quickly learned that you should NOT use craft punches on cards with ribbon.)

wpid1652-20141226-DSC_0359web.jpg wpid1654-20141226-DSC_0361web.jpg wpid1656-20141226-DSC_0362web.jpg

I made this one for the family room staircase and Z made the one for the front hall staircase. Other than our working to keep the cats away from tearing it all down, we were quite pleased with how it turned out.

Rescued Ribbon Christmas Tree

The next cool thing was a tabletop Christmas tree decorated only with bows. While I easily found the small tree, finding a small tree stand proved to be the challenging part! Thank you Rhodes Gardens for coming to my rescue.

We tied the ribbon around floral wire and made many little small bows that we attached to the tree. We made smaller bows than Martha did. Here’s how it turned out:

wpid1660-20141226-DSC_0367web.jpg wpid1658-20141226-DSC_0363web.jpg wpid1662-20141226-DSC_0369web.jpg wpid1664-20141226-DSC_0370web.jpg

We are still getting to the snow globes. I’ll keep you posted on how those turn out!

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