Restoring A Treasure

The reason I started the Me & My Kid(s) photo project 3 years ago is that since my mom passed in 2005, I realized how few pictures I had of her and how few I had of her with me. I can’t even say that I have 10 photos of her and me together. I didn’t want my daughter to have the same fate when she grew up.

Yet my younger brother brought me to tears one recent Christmas when he sent me some images that I had never seen. They were stored in an old album that he found as we cleared out my stepfather’s home for sale. One photo was a particular treasure. It depicted me being held by my mother, surrounded by my grandparents and other family. I couldn’t believe my luck. A photo of my mother actually holding me! I was dumbfounded.

Today I took the copy that my brother had had scanned and printed and attempted to bring back some of the richness and detail that had been lost.

Here is the original:

FamilyAs you can see, there were a lot of dust and scratches, as well as a bizarre sepia tinting and color fading in the blacks.

I worked and worked and came up with this:

Family Restored


Maybe I hit the contrast too much in this one. Let me try lowering it a smidgen… Here we go:

Family Restored Option 2

That looks good! What do you think?

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