Volunteering as a Family

Hello friends,

Welcome to the new Eclectic Journey Photography website and blog! Had to spiff things up around here a bit.

Now before I introduce the pictures, I want to make one thing clear: these will be the worse pictures you ever see posted on this blog! Why? Because I took them with my crappy point and shoot which functions worse than my iPhone! As we were volunteering for the Martin Luther King Day of Service, I didn’t want to lug around The Precious. That notwithstanding, I wanted to commemorate the fact that for the first time, the 3 of us went to volunteer together. That could make you overlook some technically imperfect pictures, right?


DSC02216web DSC02218web DSC02221web

I love this one. She decided what to write by herself:

DSC02227web DSC02230web DSC02234web

Somehow at the end she wanted to give a speech!


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