I was hired to take photos to be used in a pregnancy announcement for the family’s 4th (yes, you read that right) child. It was an overly bright, very cold day for shooting. Still we were able to capture cute individual photos to put together in one announcement.

Here is daughter #1


Daughter #2


And Daughter #3


It all came together in a cute announcement!

Card 1

Now we just need to wait for the newborn photos!

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Last year when I attended the first Clickin Moms conference in Salt Lake City, UT, I had the pleasure of taking a workshop on emotive self-portraiture. Like many women, especially women photographers, getting in front of the camera was just not something that I wanted to do. This had been especially compounded by my age. I often looked in the mirror and wondered who was that old woman looking back at me.


Well the workshop gave me the gumption to take a better look at this woman I’ve become. Though it took me about 5 months before I gave it a real go, I’m happy with the result. Tell me what you think. wpid1697-20150201-DSC_9649.jpg wpid1699-20150201-DSC_9662.jpg wpid1701-20150201-DSC_9672.jpg wpid1703-20150201-DSC_9676.jpg wpid1705-20150201-DSC_9679.jpg wpid1707-20150201-DSC_9682.jpg wpid1709-20150201-DSC_9698.jpg

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