Calendar Design 2011

Last year was my first year creating a photo calendar using my photos of the kidlet. While it was a great calendar, I did make it a bit overlarge (12×18) and just used a simple photo for each month.

Well this year I opted to get a little bit more fancy!

This year’s calendar was printed as a 10×10 folded calender at Miller’s and they came out amazing. Glossy covers, sturdy pages. My only quibble is that Miller’s considers holidays to be personal days, so you have to add them to the calendar individually. And, worst of all, you are limited to 24 personal days/holidays! What the heck is that? Miller’s should at least add the federal holidays to the calendar as a baseline and then allow a certain amount of personal days. That would make more sense.

But despite that, this year’s calendar was an incredible hit!

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