Lucky Shot

Everyone once in a while, you end up being in the right place, at the right angle, at just the right time. It’s a beautiful synchronicity when it works.

So there I was arriving home later than usual from work. The kidlet, her two friends and hubby were playing in the driveway. Hubby had mixed up his spectacular bubble solution from Extreme Bubbles. It was golden hour and the kid looked too darn cute as she chased around the giant bubbles.

I got the camera and decided to snap.

First we got the ginormous bubbles with added sunflare in the first shot:

But then I just happened to be standing in just the right place when this succession happened:



Then look what happened! The kidlet’s face was framed by the biggest bubble ever! How cool was that?

What a great shot, I thought. But somehow having the husband in the background took away from the I-want-this-on-my-wall feeling that I was having.

So I decided to get creative with Photoshop. I made my hubby disappear. Voila!


This was NOT the easiest thing to do.

I went out the next day and reshot the same scene with the same settings but minus the participants. I then took that image and added it on a layer above the original shot in Photoshop. I edited the white balance, brightness and contrast to be similar to the one taken the day before. And then I used a layer mask over the new shot and with a large brush, erased the mask over the area of the hubby. I merged the resultant shots and there you go…how to make one husband go poof!

Zara did have to entertain me with her booty dance (can you resist the polka-dot undies?).

Then we were also able to take our March shots for the Me & My Kid(s) Photo Project.

Are you participating in the Me & My Kid(s) Photo Project for 2012? It’s not too late to join in!

Me and My Kid(s) Project for 2012

  • Kenyette - Beautiful pics, Liana! I especially love the “hip-twisting” shot and the one with you.ReplyCancel

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