My Favorite Face!

The fun folks at Love That Shot are having a contest that I just couldn’t resist. The goal is to shoot and show your favorite face.

Well that was pretty darn easy for me. My favorite face belongs to my absolutely adorable daughter, Zara. And last night during bathtime, I couldn’t resist getting some new shots of my favorite face ever.

This one is my contest entry:

But I couldn’t resist sharing some of the others!

These shots were tricky considering the typically abysmal bathroom lighting, but I shot at f1.4, SS1/400 & ISO 1000. There were terrible color issues despite my having used my BaLens for a custom white balance, but I think I got most of them worked out in PS. I also wanted to make sure that there were no, um, bits showing. But other than a little midtone lift, I processed them clean.

Can you see why she’s my favorite face?

  • Jess - Hi,I saw this on the link-up page and thought, wow that is great lighting/color for a bathtub shot! I was imagining a bathroom with crazy beautiful windows, so seeing this just might inspire me to give it a go again. I think you did a great job cleaning up the color issues. Great job, and what a cutie!ReplyCancel

    • Liana - Thanks so much! This bathroom has a tiny window and the photos were taken long after dark, so I wasn’t sure how they would come out. But I’m glad the for the most part I managed to get things corrected. Thank goodness I took MCP Actions color correction class!ReplyCancel

  • Colette - These are just gorgeous. I was paroozing Clickin Moms and saw this face which I recognized from my Karen Russell class. YOU are soooo good! You have an adorable subject, tooo!!ReplyCancel

  • Carol - Zara is very comfortable in front of the camera. Great shots Liana. Love the wink!ReplyCancel

  • hope - she’s a dollReplyCancel

  • Neeroc - LOVE the third one down! I am very impressed. ISO1000 and no grain? Did you have to fiddle with that at all? Oh and 50mm? I’m lusting after a 50mm…ReplyCancel

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