Two Boys Together in One Photo!

My client told me that what she really, really wanted from her shoot was a photo of her two boys together…in one photo. To date, this had not been achieved.

I thought to myself, I’m a pediatrician. I know kids. I can do this. And with that, I approached this shoot.

These two little angels would definitely not give me any difficulty. The older boy was a great helper. He made sure my cart was nearby at all times.

But it was the younger boy who decided that the word “no” was going to be the word of the morning. Look at this angelic face:

CT-7109-3web CT-7119-6web CT-7125-9web

Lo and behold, a rocking horse nets us the first brothers together photo. I’m doing well.


Now on the stairs, some youngster who will remain nameless, wanted to go off and run on the ramp, so we had a little grumbling. (Just a teensy bit!)


But after taking out my bribery reward lollipops, we did very well.


Now that’s what I’m talking about!


I had to make sure that my best helper also received his time in the spotlight. Such a cutie!

CT-7210-18web CT-7329-32web

And after all that hard work, a lollipop was a well-earned treat.


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