When Opportunity Knocks

I remember once several years ago, I posted a photo on the Nikonians board of little Zara blowing a dandelion.


I mentioned in the comments about the shot that we had gone for a walk when she started picking the dandelions and blowing them. I then had to run back home to get my camera in order to capture the moment. I asked for feedback on the shot and one of the old timers there replied, “The only thing you did wrong was not having your camera with you in the first place.”

Since then I’ve taken that bit of wisdom to heart. Even though it is a big as a toaster, I try to make sure I have my camera with me as much as possible. (But not the time that one of my co-workers stopped me in the hallway at work and asked, “Oh Liana, do you have your camera with you?” To which I almost replied, “Yes, I happen to bring thousands of dollars in camera and lens to work with me every day just in case that perfect opportunity arises for an impromptu photo shoot! Especially when there’s a sign as you enter the building that reads, ‘NO CAMERAS ALLOWED!’) That episode notwithstanding, I do try to do my best to keep The Precious on hand for the opportunity shots that arise if you’re lucky.

I had my camera on me when my division was invited to brunch at a colleague’s home last November. The kids (including my own) went outside to play and I seized the opportunity to snap some kid pics.

Look at these great shots of little M:

And of course when your daughter insists on parading around wearing a car, you just have to capture that shot!


Then there’s the luck that comes when you’re hanging out at home for Memorial Day and see your kid out playing with the neighbors from across the street. You get your camera to have some fun and catch these great shots:

Even managed to coax the girls’ lovely mother to sit with them for this beautiful portrait:

Recent I attended a birthday party for a 2-year-old peanut and saw the 8-year-old boy who had been dragged to the celebration sitting forlornly as if he had entered one of the circles of hell. He was the only one above 5 and the only other male but for the birthday boy. So I decided to just ask him if I could take some photos for his dad (my colleague). He agreed more because it was something to do other than watching the little girls run back and forth giggling.

I posed him under a tree and got this amazing image:

I tried matte processing on it and loved it as well…

But I knew that though this image was evocative, we had to get some smiles on the face to make dad happy. I tried asking for a smile. This is what happened:

I moved to a new location:

But then I pulled out my secret weapon for kids of this age. My iFart app! The smile started to appear:

By the time I played “the brown mosquito” teeth were showing!

So the lesson for today is that you should always keep your camera handy!

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