Where A Kid Can Be A Kid

On Saturday October 2, I visited my least favorite place in the world. No, it wasn’t my dentist’s chair (I went today), or a squat toilet in Beijing (ack!). It was Chuck E Cheese, my version of hell on earth.

Yet the reason for the visit was a good one: a birthday party for my friend’s young daughter.

The kidlet and I showed up that evening to get our party groove on. I brought along The Precious to see what I could capture in that evil boisterous place. Surprisingly the results aren’t too shabby.

My kid, of course:

Back to the party:

I even got some good portraits:

This shot was worth the whole headache of being in Chuck E Cheese in the first place:

It even looks good in B&W:

Pretty good for no flash and hellacious lighting, right?

  • Jamila Muhammad - I WISH you were here to photograph my three girls! 🙂 You make their personalities come alive while still making for a nice composition. Maybe if we come into some money we can afford to fly you down 😉ReplyCancel

    • Liana - No need for me to fly. I’ll take Amtrak or drive! You say the word. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Julie - Stunning!!!ReplyCancel

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