A Lovely Family

Everyone, I’d like to introduce the D Family!

I had such a great time photographing this family. Though I got a bit lost on my way there and ended up arriving late, (bridges were out…drivers were pokeying along at under the speed limit) they were raring to go when I finally arrived.

First was the munchkin, P. She was ready to rip and run.

We had fun with bubbles:

And a snuggle with a teddy bear:

Then came the lovely, T:

After the kids, I was ready for the whole family. And I must give props to Mom. She had everyone color coordinated in a way that made my job easy. There was no showing up all dressed in white shirts and khaki pants. Oh no! The outfits were working!

(And yes, the puppy dog got in on the action too! The cat was not interested, however.)

My favorites are the shots on the hill:

I couldn’t resist turning this one into a black & white:

What a gorgeous and great family! Thanks for an outstanding shoot!

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