Me, Myself

Last year when I attended the first Clickin Moms conference in Salt Lake City, UT, I had the pleasure of taking a workshop on emotive self-portraiture. Like many women, especially women photographers, getting in front of the camera was just not something that I wanted to do. This had been especially compounded by my age. I often looked in the mirror and wondered who was that old woman looking back at me.


Well the workshop gave me the gumption to take a better look at this woman I’ve become. Though it took me about 5 months before I gave it a real go, I’m happy with the result. Tell me what you think. wpid1697-20150201-DSC_9649.jpg wpid1699-20150201-DSC_9662.jpg wpid1701-20150201-DSC_9672.jpg wpid1703-20150201-DSC_9676.jpg wpid1705-20150201-DSC_9679.jpg wpid1707-20150201-DSC_9682.jpg wpid1709-20150201-DSC_9698.jpg

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