A Visit to Kuching

I flew halfway around the world for my first visit to Malaysia. But instead of staying in the more commonly known Kuala Lumpur, I stayed in Kuching, otherwise known as the cat city. Sounds like my kind of place.

wpid1779-20150604-DSC_0393.jpg wpid1781-20150604-DSC_0394.jpg wpid1783-20150604-DSC_0399.jpg wpid1785-20150604-DSC_0402.jpg wpid1787-20150604-DSC_0405.jpg wpid1789-20150604-DSC_0409.jpg wpid1791-20150604-DSC_0411.jpg wpid1793-20150604-DSC_0419.jpg wpid1795-20150604-DSC_0428.jpg wpid1797-20150604-DSC_0431.jpg wpid1799-20150604-DSC_0437.jpg wpid1801-20150604-DSC_0439.jpg wpid1803-20150604-DSC_0443.jpg wpid1805-20150604-DSC_0445.jpg

No visit to Kuching is complete without a visit to the Cat Museum. This was one of the strangest displays ever!


wpid1807-20150604-DSC_0449.jpg wpid1809-20150604-DSC_0452.jpg wpid1811-20150604-DSC_0456.jpg wpid1813-20150604-DSC_0459.jpg wpid1815-20150604-DSC_0467.jpg

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